About Ordinary Leader

Every person = Ordinary Leader.

In our 21st century American economy leadership is a quality that every worker needs in order to be successful.  We have moved beyond an industrial manufacturing economy that calls for every worker to follow precise instructions without thought, to attach the same gear to the same sprocket consistently day after day. Our knowledge and service economy calls upon all of us to be innovative, creative. and – above all – to embrace differences in thought, action, culture or being.

We may have been raised by leaders of the industrial economy – leaders who knew success meant keeping your head down, following the rules, questioning nothing. There are still rules to be followed. But in a thinking economy, thinkers ask. In a thinking economy, curiosity doesn’t kill the cat. Curiosity feeds success.

Ordinary Leader is written by Sherryanne Meyer, a manager in a major corporation, co-founder of the non-profit Power Chords Music Mentors for our Youth and member of the Board of Directors for the American SAP Users Group (ASUG).  Sherry has contributed as a writer to WIS Publications HR Expert and as an editor and expert case study contributor to  the Workforce Asset Management Book of Knowledge, the official resource for Workforce Management Technology Certification.   A regular speaker at technology events such as SAP Insider, SAP Influencer Summit, ASUG and SAP Insider conferences, she focuses her forward-looking messages on readiness to use technology to maximize our most precious resource:  human capital.      She is also an active member of the SAP Community Users Network and Workforce Education Organization.   Her extensive experience in the Human Resources area, both as an HR specialist and as an IT specialist for HR systems has formed her point of view on the 21st century workforce and what we must each do to be successful in the post-PC era.

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