Political “Parties”

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Plato

Awareness of office politics is essential to navigating an organization – and he who navigates well is hardly an inferior. When politics turns into something that is less than “fun” for those involved, what do you do? As leaders, we have a fundamental responsibility to ensure a respectful workplace exists. As leaders, we have a duty to acknowledge diversity of thought. As leaders, we build teams when we recognize and make attempts to subvert attempts to play out strategies that are at the expense of others There will always be disagreements in thought, process and speech. Workers – all human – will undoubtedly make mistakes. We build strong teams, however, when we can bring diverse parties to the table together to discuss the issues, understand what is driving the strategy of one group or person over another and work together to a resolution that benefits the organization.

For an insightful discussion on the importance of office politics, read “Dealing with Office Politics – Navigating the Minefield” on Mindtools.com.


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