46 Steps

I started a new job this week.  At the same company.  I just started an entirely new job in an entirely new area that I know nothing about.
Big deal.
Well, it is.  For 15 years I was building expertise in IT applications and HR processes. This week, I started to learn a whole new area — how to manage the IT concerns of Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures.
In the combined spaces of IT for Human Resources, I’m a go-to person.  I go to people for answers.  People come to me for answers — but they come to me because I also ask a lot of questions.  What do you do with all that expertise when you change jobs?  Lock in a dark recess of your brain where perhaps it will gather cobwebs??  No.  That’s not for me.  My brain is wired to make more connections than the New York City transit system.  Some days I seem to be processing faster than my PC can spit out the words in type.  That’s right, I process things better than the Google Search engine.  So all my past and all my present gets wired together in thoughts about the future.
So, when you’ve got a lot of knowledge, you just don’t stop there with it because you’re the label you’re are given at your job changes.
You pass it on.  You pay it forward.  You add it to the pot of stew you’re stirring and make a better broth.  (or for those of you who prefer a sports analogy, you add it to the playbook to pull out as a Hail Mary when needed).
I’m not my job title.  I’m a thought leader.   I’m a valued asset. . . an encyclopedia of ideas.  And the irony of this is that I’m just one large melting pot of knowledge, thoughts, ideas that I get from interacting with you, my readers, my colleagues, my friends.
46 steps takes me to the third floor office of my new job.  I have a lot of thoughts while I’m climbing those stairs.  I’ll be paying forward every little thing you ever I’ve learned on the climb.  And I’ll be asking some new questions too.  Ready?

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